Jessica  L. Howard

I'm a calm person, tenaciously grounded in my Taurean nature and I insist on following the pulse of my heart no matter what others think or have to say.  The things that make my heart sing are: memories of my late father, Harold L. Howard, Sr., teaching and practicing yoga, the many pets I've been blessed to care for, the opportunity to travel various parts of the world, a budding second career in coaching and learning and my beloved AKA.  The greatest of these is the blessing of finding love with Jackson.  I believe that life has taken me down a winding road to show me that the most incredible love finds you when you are not looking, when all the masks are off, false notions are stripped way and you are authentic in appearance, intentions and in spirit.  When I learned that her favorite book was also The Alchemist, I knew then in my heart of hearts, that her love is my Maktub (aka my destiny).

P.R. Jackson

I have no fear, this has been evident by my life choices to travel abroad to war zones, my love of riding motorcycle even when I was deliberately hit from behind and could have died and certainly by my risk taking approach to entrepreneurship are just a few examples of my relentless nature.  Words that describe me, Tenaciously loyal, relentless, a force, extremely detailed oriented, unstoppable, passionate, observing, futuristic, loving, giving and supportive just to name a few.  I am ecstatic to be joining my life with an amazing woman, I'm grateful she said yes.  It's very rare that you find someone who's perfect for you, someone who truly loves and cares for you.  I'm grateful I've found every single thing in Jessica that I've been searching for my entire life.  May she always be pleased and happy with me!   

Someone To Love - Jon B.
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